7 Signs You Should Replace Your Garage Door

7 Signs You Should Replace Your Garage Door

Some homeowners will admit that their garage door has seen better days. Perhaps it is a little temperamental, or there are some dents from years of use. Instead of putting up with the faults and making do with an ineffective old system, you might be better off with a brand-new garage door. Don’t underestimate the importance of this mechanized barrier

Your garage door is:

  • A vital entrance point into your home
  • A protective barrier between your property and the outside world
  • A large focal point on the exterior of your home

The importance of our garage doors means we have to be on the lookout for any of the following signs. If you experience one or more, it might be time to contact your local garage door repair company. 

  1. your door is excessively noisy
  2. it has clear signs of damage
  3. it is unreliable
  4. there are security concerns
  5. your energy costs are too high
  6. you are fed up fighting with the controls
  7. it looks outdated and unattractive

Let’s take a closer look at these issues and why garage door replacement may be the best option. There may be something here you’ve overlooked for too long. 

Excessive Noise During Operation

This is one of the more obvious signs to look out for. All garage doors should make some noise in normal operation as the door slides into position. However, you must listen out for strange or reoccurring noises. A harsh grinding sound could indicate a problem with the gears or a misalignment. You also want to note any squeaks, bangs, or knocking noises. Squeaks could be a sign of poor lubrication, while bangs could mean something has snapped.

Some of these issues are easily fixed with basic garage door repair. Some extra lubricant and a quick door realignment might silence the door for a while. Others may be a bigger problem, especially if you have worn-out or broken parts. The longer you leave them, the worse things will get. If the noises don’t disappear or become louder and more frequent, consider replacing your garage door. 

Visible Wear and Tear

Every door goes through wear and tear over the years. It is unavoidable when you use it every day and expose it to harsh conditions. Repeated use can lead to dents and scratches that ruin the door’s look and alignment. Accidents with the car, bikes, or other machinery may mean even bigger bumps to get rid of. Consistent exposure to temperature changes, sunlight, and bad weather can cause discoloration and warping. Then there is all the wear and rust on the gears, springs, and hinges. 

Eventually, your door will look old and tired. You could hire a repair team to come and buff out the dent, clean up the mechanisms, and give the exterior a coat of paint. Or, you can admit that the door is ready to be replaced. 

Repeated Breakdowns

Perhaps you are at the point where it isn’t just noise and minor damage causing problems. How many times have you gone to open your garage door, and it hasn’t responded. This could be because of a complete mechanical breakdown on the closing mechanism or a problem with the controller. Either way, it can be a nightmare wondering if today is the day you’ll be late for work because the door won’t open. 

Some homeowners get into a routine of calling out repair teams to fix the issue and get the door working again. It seems like the easiest, most cost-efficient option in an emergency. The problem is that your door will break down more frequently as it ages. Sooner or later, the problem will become too expensive or impossible to fix. 

It is much more cost-efficient to get a brand new door than continually calling out a repair team to fix the one you have. There are upfront costs and service charges to get everything in place. Still, you will end up with something more effective and unlikely to break down soon. It can provide greater peace of mind and long-term security. 

Safety and Security Concerns

The damage and potential faults mentioned here don’t just affect garage door operation. Left unchecked, they could lead to some serious safety and security issues. 

A big concern here is the safety of your loved ones and property. Right now, your garage door may be a little stiff and noisy. But what if there is a weak joint or something snaps mid-operations. The door could come flying down and strike anyone or anything in its path. What if it struck your car as you were reversing out?

There is also the security risk of a dented and weakened door. Dented doors that don’t sit flush with the entryway can lead to gaps and weak points. It wouldn’t take much for an intruder to exploit these areas and find their way into your garage.

Poor Energy Efficiency

You may have a great energy-efficient insulation system in your home, but what about the garage? A poorly insulated garage door is a big void draining heat and letting in cold air. This could increase your energy costs unnecessarily. 

Insulating your door as part of garage door maintenance is a good idea. You can add a protective layer that retains heat and reduces energy consumption. However, this can only go so far on damaged doors with dents and gaps. It might be better to get a whole new energy-efficient door instead. These modern installations can reduce heat loss and require less energy to run than your current outdated model. 

Difficulty in Operation

Just because your door hasn’t broken down completely, that doesn’t mean it’s operating to its full potential. Doors that jam or come to a sudden halt don’t have much life left in them. Sooner or later, they will break and leave your home vulnerable. You need a door with the same consistent smooth motion every time. 

This consistency also means a door that operates at the right speed. A door that closes too slowly could have a mechanism failure or joint issue. It’s not going to get any faster on its own. In fact, it could easily get a lot worse. Do you want to waste your time waiting around or replace it with something more efficient? 

At the same time, you don’t want a door that closes way too fast. This is a safety issue if you have pets or young children that can’t get out of the way in time. Faster-closing doors may also be more prone to damage and wear as they hit the ground. 

An Outdated Design or Appearance

Finally, we have a more superficial point, but one that is still important to any homeowner. An old door isn’t just prone to inefficiency when it develops those signs of damage and age. It can also look tired and unattractive. An old garage door can lower the curb appeal of your property, especially next to other houses with shiny new doors. This reduced appeal can then affect property value. If you want to freshen up the exterior of your property, you might need more than just a new coat of paint. A brand new door brings new life into the garage’s aesthetics while also providing all the benefits mentioned so far. 

Furthermore, a new door could also mean some clever tech and improved features. You could find that our contemporary models come with better mechanisms, smart settings, and user-friendly garage door openers. 

Is It Time For A New Garage Door?

There is no point in putting up with any of these problems and watching things get worse. Even with ongoing garage door maintenance and repairs, many issues will only worsen. The best way to be sure of a more effective and attractive garage door, with less noise, shuddering, or safety issues, is to get a brand-new one.