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Garage door keypad repair

A keypad is a great convenience. By using a code, you and your family members can easily enter the garage. Security is another advantage of a keypad. The only people that can access your home are those with a security code. However, you should keep in mind that your remote control works together with the keypad. Thus if the keypad is not working either, your remote will. If your garage door keypad is not working, don’t panic. There are various reasons why this may be happening.

garage door keypad repairs

Garage Door Keypad Common Problems

Keypads, whether manual or wireless, can encounter the same problems. You may think something is wrong with your garage door opener when you introduce your keypad code and see it not working. However, there are various reasons your keypad may not be working. Some may be easy to resolve by you, and others may require an expert. 

Dead Batteries 

As keypads use batteries, it is very common that you may forget to replace them in time, and they just run out. Dead batteries are one of the most recurrent reasons a keypad may not function. Remember, if you see the garage door keypad light blinking, the batteries are working; otherwise, you need to replace them. 

Damaged Wires 

You check your keypad, and the batteries are good, or you change them for new ones, but the garage door keypad is still not working. Check the wires. Wires can get damaged as a result of wearing out. Weather conditions in your area can also accelerate the deterioration of the cables. It is common for wires and keys to be disconnected. Call us. One of our technicians can quickly assess the situation by inspecting the keys, ensuring the wires are not damaged and appropriately connected.

Poor Connection Between Buttons 

If the wires and batteries are working, it may be malfunctioning buttons, the reason your garage door opener keypad is not working. Test it by putting in a random four-digit code, introduce numbers that are not in your keypad code. If this random code works, it means there is a problem with the keys. This problem can be due to some accumulated debris or the keys becoming loose over time. A tricky repair this can be, you can opt for calling our expert garage door keypad repair service and get this issue resolved in no time.

Malfunctioning Code 

You may notice that the problem with your garage door occurs when opening but not when closing. It can be the security code that is malfunctioning. This problem can occur due to a few reasons:

  • Some models require you to reprogram the keypad whenever you replace the batteries. 
  • You may accidentally be using a PIN that interferes with the code 
  • The keypad is old and doesn’t recognize the code

If, after reprogramming the code or checking the user manual still is not working, call one of our experts. You need a professional to check if a more complex issue is preventing your garage door keypad from functioning correctly.

Stuck Keys 

Your garage door keypad keys can get stuck to each other due to some debris, dust, or dirt accumulation. When keys are stuck, even if you are introducing the correct security code, the garage door will not respond. However, this can be easily resolved with some deep cleaning. You can use a clean cloth, a soft brush, or compressed air to clean your keypad. 

Old Keypad 

As your keypad is placed outside, your home is exposed to weather conditions like rain, snow, extreme heat, humidity, etc. Due to this, your keypad can get damaged and stop working after some time. The average lifespan of a keypad is about ten years. The keypad may not function due to aging if there are cracks or loose keys.

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