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Garage Door Hinge Repair

Although small and somewhat easy to ignore, your garage door hinges play a crucial role in the correct functioning of your garage door. They allow the panels to bend and fold during operation. However, the constant stress from movement and routine wear and tear will eventually require their replacement.

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Type of Garage Door Hinges

A garage door hinge is the metal part that secures sections of your garage door together, allowing them to bend when opening and closing. It is easy for sectional garage doors to move around the radius of the garage door track, thanks to garage door hinges.

Garage door hinges come in various styles and gauges and are mostly made out of galvanized steel in different shapes and sizes. Although the majority of hinges come in a metallic colour, they can also be powder-coated to match the colour of your garage door. Each type of hinge serves a unique purpose in the correct operation of your garage door system.

The following are types of garage door hinges:

Flush Hinges

In a garage door flush hinge, one leaf is embedded in another when it’s closed, so the hinge occupies very little space. However, due to their design, flush hinges may not be a good choice for heavier garage doors, regardless of their undeniable durability. 

Butt Hinges

Butt hinges are the most commonly used hinge on garage doors and are made to tolerate the weight of heavier garage doors. They possess two similar leaves, one attached to the hinges’ moving component and the other one connected to the fixed part. A curled barrel connects both leaves. 

Butt hinges can be used in wooden and steel garage doors without bending. Butt hinges come in various sizes, types, and designs, such as:

  • Lift joint butt hinges. Handy when it comes to garage door repairs 
  • Rising butt hinges. Used on garage doors installed on uneven floors 
  • Ball-bearing butt hinges. Ensure proper support for heavier garage doors

Case Hinges

Case hinges are similar to butt hinges; thus, they are a perfect choice for heavy garage doors. The main difference between these two is the high aesthetic appeal which can result in increasing your property’s curb appeal. Garage door case hinges come in all possible decorative designs, so you will always find the one that fits you best.

Strap Hinges

Refer also as gate hinges due to their unique shape. Strap hinges may look shorter, but their leaf is longer than the other types of hinges. The long leaf offers better support for your garage door and increases the level of security. Additionally, strap hinges stand out because of their high aesthetic appeal, which will give a unique look to your garage door. 


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What Causes Garage Door Hinges to Break?

Some of the most common causes that can break or damage your garage door hinges are:

  • Loose or wrongly installed hinges
  • Damaged or worn-out hinges
  • Hinges not compatible with the garage door material
  • Too small or too large hinges for the garage door
  • Improperly balanced doors
  • Corrosion or rust present on the hinges
  • Excessive weight on the garage door
  • Damage due to impact on the garage door or hinges

Garage Door Hinge Common Issues

Although your garage door hinges are reliable when it comes to correct job performance, they can encounter the following issues often:

Squeaky Hinges 

Squeaky hinges are the number one problem found on garage door hinges, but os the easiest to fix. All you need is some WD-40, or if in a pinch, petroleum jelly can do the trick. In a matter of minutes, you will eliminate any squeaky noise. However, be aware that the squeaky hinges noise can often be confused with squeaky rollers.

Loose Hinges

If your garage door hinges have been in place for a long time, they could show signs of aging like corrosion, swelling or getting loose. When the hinges are loose, your garage door will start to rattle and roll when opening and closing. Factors that get your garage door hinges lost include extreme temperatures, constant use, accidents, and screws that were not appropriately set after panel replacement. While you can probably take care of this issue, it is recommended to contact an expert technician to get a better solution to the problem.

A Broken Hinge 

Accidents happen, especially at home. Either your garage door got damaged due to some bizarre weather-related accident, or you miscalculated and hit your door by mistake. Broken hinges are not difficult to repair if you possess basic repair knowledge. However, remember that a professional technician can do it faster, saving you time.

A Stuck Hinge Pin 

A regular issue on older garage doors. If your hinge makes squeaky sounds, it can be due to a stuck hinge pin. Initially, you may not be bothered by the sound, but if you don’t take care of this issue, the stress can cause tension on the motor and chain. It is not recommended that you try to resolve this problem due to its complexity. You are better off contacting one of our professional repair team members.

A Skewed Jamb

When you have an unlevel garage door jamb, your garage door will rise and fall at an angle, putting stress on the hinges holding the panels together. This situation can result in problems like hinges wrapping and screws coming loose, plus adding stress on tracks and rollers. You need to call an expert to evaluate the situation to resolve this matter. Whether they decide that jamb can be fixed without removing the door or not, this is the expert call.

Potential Damages to Garage Doors from Deteriorated Hinges

In the event that your garage door hinges are broken, rusted, or damaged, you may need to stop using it until the problem is resolved. Otherwise, you will end up causing severe damage to the garage door and its other parts. It is crucial to keep in mind that broken hinges can deform guide tracks or garage door panels. Thus, the longer you wait to get professional help, the more costly the repair will be.

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