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Garage Door Panel Repair

Your garage door panels can experience minor or major issues that prevent the door from opening or closing properly and affect your door’s functioning correctly. Whether it is age, rust, dents, or loose parts causing damage to your garage door panel. These problems can have serious repercussions sometime in the future.

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Replace Or Repair Your Garage Door Panel?

Once the problem has been identified by a professional, the next step would be to decide if the garage door panel can be repaired or need to be replaced. Here are some aspects to take into consideration before making that decision. 

Age Of Your Garage Door

Garage door life expectancy can go from years to decades, depending on their use. Thus, if your garage door is very old, replacing it may make more sense than repairing it. However, you must be aware that panels belonging to very old garage door models may not be available anymore. Therefore, finding the panel for your door may take a lot of work and effort. 

Curb Appeal 

If you plan to sell your home in the future, your curb appeal will be boosted by replacing your door panel instead of repairing it. You can certainly increase your house’s attractiveness and value. Also, get more and higher offers by improving your facade, and you will recover your investment and make a profit. 

Damage Reason 

Although your door is damaged, not all injuries are the same. If a dent was created by some kids in your neighbourhood kicking a ball, get your panels repaired. But, if your garage door received an impact from a large vehicle or a seizable object replacing the panels is a better and safer option. 

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Professional Garage Door Panel Repair or Replacement

Our technicians are trained to replace and repair garage doors made of fibreglass, steel, aluminum and vinyl. Additionally, our experienced technical team can perform any type of garage door panel repair, such as:

  • Roll Up
  • Sectional
  • Tilt Up Canopy
  • Slide to the Side
  • Tilt Up Retractable
  • Side Hinged

Depending on how many panels on your garage door have been damaged, it may be a cost-efficient decision to change the whole door or just replace the injured panel. Remember that your garage door is split into various panels; when one is damaged, it doesn’t affect the others.

Benefits of Fixing Your Garage Door Panels

By owning a home, you can always expect to spend money on all sorts of repairs. Thus, it is a win-win if you can cut down your spending while still getting the best solution. Therefore fixing your garage door panels can be cost-effective and efficient. Some benefits of repairing the damaged panels at your garage door include the following:

  • Saves you money. Repairing one or two panels that had been damaged will save you money compared to the cost of replacing your entire garage door. This approach is suggested, especially if your garage door system is not older than seven years.  
  • Prolongs the lifetime of your garage door. As with any other appliance at your home, maintenance is the key to lengthening its lifespan. Fixing elements such as your garage door panels can prevent more significant future replacements. Your garage door will last and work properly longer. 
  • Boost Curb Appeal. Your garage door is part of your home facade; therefore, it can make or break the look of your house. A damaged garage door can lower the value of your residence if you are trying to sell it. The investment you make by repairing a garage door panel will be worth it if you increase the value of your property in the future.
  • Preventing further damage. Having damaged panels not only affects the look of your garage door but also can affect its proper functioning. Not repairing the panels can create excess tear and wear on crucial elements such as cables, springs, drums and bearings. Additionally, not performing adequate, timely repairs can result in your garage door not opening or closing correctly. 

Don’t wait too long to repair your garage door panels. Contact us, and our experienced technicians will promptly assist you with your garage door panel issue. Our professionals can evaluate and recommend you the best solution for your problem.

Types Of Garage Door Panel Repairs

When you hire our repair services, you can rest assured that our technical team can handle any kind of garage door repair, such as:

Broken Garage Door Panel Repair

You may think that the bent on your garage door panel is not that serious and can wait, but this is not true. A bent panel can damage other vital components of your garage door, making what initially is a quick, simple fix more costly and complex. Also, if you are concerned about the cosmetic part of the repair, we can guarantee you that our experts can match the colour and design of the panel that needs repairing. You would be satisfied with a   garage door that seems to have never been fixed. 

Overhead Garage Door Panel Repair

Things like severe weather can cause damage to the overhead of your garage door. Having a damaged overhead panel can have seriously harmful consequences for your home. Therefore, let us assist you in resolving this issue promptly. Thanks to our years of experience dealing with situations like this, we can effectively repair your overhead garage door panels. We aim to deliver the best service for you. 

Garage Door Panel Dent Repair

If you postpone repairing a bent or dent on your garage door panel, you risk ranking top in the unappealing houses on your block list. A list you wish to avoid being in. Furthermore, a badly dented panel can no longer shield you from harsh weather conditions. You can end up experiencing outside conditions like rain, snow or wind right inside your home. All these secondary problems can be the sad result of not getting your damaged garage door panel fixed in time. Do not wait any longer. Contact us and let our technical team resolve this issue promptly. You will save time and money.

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