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Sliding Glass Door Repair

When the sliding door at your home is not working correctly, it creates an inconvenient situation and can be a safety risk for the members of your household. Therefore, it is crucial that you get an expert technician to look at it. Some sliding doors may require little maintenance, such as cleaning the tracks or some other minor upkeep. But, on other occasions, the problem may be broken or busted rollers, compromised locks, misaligned wheels, etc. In this case, you need the help of a professional that can carry a proper sliding door repair service and ensure your door is functioning correctly. An expert will also evaluate if your sliding door is beyond repair and needs to be replaced.

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Common Sliding Door Problems

Whether you have a brand new sliding door or an old one, these can encounter all sorts of problems that willl stop them form working adequately. In some cases the door can be coming so heavy or impossible to move that people stop going in and out. There are some common sliding glass door issues, such as:

The sliding door is difficult to open or close

If you are having a hard time trying to open and close your sliding door it may be due to:

  • Dirty, rusted, or broken rollers. If you see your glass door not opening all the way and closing quickly, it may be dur to dirt or rust on the rollers. It is an easy enough to solve issue. It just requires some cleaning of the rollers by adding oil or a grease additive to reduce the stickiness and minimized friction. However, if the roller is broken, you need a technician to replace it with a new one.
  • Misaligned. In sliding patio doors, misaligned wheels can be caused by misaligned rollers or the door itself. When your glass sliding door is not correctly aligned, you can notice a gap between the glass and the frame. It is often found in long doors with large gaps between the trails. 
  • Bent track. A common problem is when the door frame or roller impacts its course frequently. When the track is bent, it can prevent the entire door from opening correctly. It can also cause the sliding door to stick in the open or closed position.

Broken rollers within your sliding door

If you notice your glass door not sliding easily and freely it may be due to mechanically damage guides or rollers. There is a common belief that when this problem occurs the whole door needs to be replace, which is costly. We are proud that our experts have been able to fix these issues efficiently and without costing an arm and a leg to our clients. Our professional door repair service is done by replacing the broken or worn rollers and installing high-quality sliding door rollers. 

The track is completely worn down.

When you hear your glass door making a scraping sound, it is due to a damaged or obstructed track. It gets harder and harder to slide the door smoothly as the track gets stripped. When this situation presents, the loose or damage partitions can be dangerous and need prompt reapair or replacement. Give us a call so an expert on our team can evaluate the situatio and resolve it efficiently and rapidly. 

Faulty locking mechanisms

A faulty lock on your sliding door is a security issue, one that needs your attention. Locking mechanisms breaking happens often. If the sliding door rollers break and the door collapses, you will not be able to move the door, but also, the locks will not align, making it impossible to close. For some homeowners, aligning the door and the lock requires lifting the door each time, but this is not somethig that you want to have. A better solution is to gives a call, and one of our certified professionals will align your door so you can lock easily  and keep your family safe.

Extend The Life Of Your Sliding Door

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Glass sliding doors are the most popular patio door style. They come in various types, are affordable and durable. However, they are not indestructible. Thus they should be cared for by keeping in mind the following: 

Treat them gently. Avoid slamming or using too much force while opening or closing your glass sliding doors. When excessive force is used, the glass can break or damage the locking system or the rollers. 

Keep the tracks clean. Accumulated dirt or harsh cleaning chemicals can obstruct the tracks from functioning correctly. Also, do not let water sit on the tracks for too long. A Damp cloth should be enough to clean the tracks.

We know that even if you properly care for your sliding doors, there can still be issues. When this happens do not hesitate and give us a call. Our team of experts is ready to handle any problem affecting your sliding door functioning.

Benefits of Sliding Doors

Installing a sliding door at your home offers more advantages than swinging doors. Here are some benefits of having sliding glass doors in your house:

  • Light. Large glass panes on sliding doors that go from the ground up allow more light to come into your home. More light in your home not only gives you a more welcoming, cozy feeling. It would also save you money on your electrical bill as you will be turning your lights on a lot less. 
  • Traffic Flow. A large sliding door allows easy navigation and access. If you need to move stuff in and out of your home, like couches, tables, beds, etc., a sliding door will facilitate the task. They are also low maintenance, easy to operate, durable, and easy to clean.
  • Appearance. Sliding doors come in various kinds that can add charm and personality while matching the style of your home. Also, they are a great option to make a room appear more spacious, as you can replace a wall with a sliding door. 
  • Air. A large door at one end of your house can dramatically improve airflow and circulation. If you have small windows adding a large door will help your home to cool by letting large surges of air in. A patio door will improve the air quality, smell and give you a more pleasant feeling. You will also see its impact on your electrical bill as you may use your air conditioning less. 
  • View. You make the outside world part of your home by placing glass sliding doors. Whether it is your beautiful garden or backyard or the cityscape, the view is available all the time. Sliding doors also help when you need to keep an eye on your little ones when they are playing outside. 
  • Space maximization. Sliding doors can save you space at home as they slide over tracks instead of swinging open like hinged doors. They can also create an optical illusion, like mirrors do, making the space look much bigger than it is. 
  • Energy efficient. Options like double-pane glass on sliding glass doors will help insulate your home better. You can keep cool air in during the summer and the heat in winter, saving money on your utility bill. 

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