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How To Choose The Best Garage Door For Your Home?

When it comes to choosing a new garage door or replacing your old one, we know that the process may seem daunting. Since there are so many styles and types to choose from, the process can even seem overwhelming. Selecting the best garage door for your home not only adds a curb appeal and increases your home value. It can also save you money in energy bills by keeping the cold out in winter and maintaining the cool air inside in summer. As a result of upgrading your garage door, you can also prevent unwanted visitors from entering your home by installing a garage door opener with the latest security technology, such as keypads and motion detectors. Furthermore, materials, style, and price are some of the factors you need to keep in mind when choosing a garage door.

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How Do You Use Your Garage?

Different families use their garage spaces in different ways. While some use it as a place to park cars, others may see it as a workshop, a game room, or a storage space. Taking into account the use you give to your garage area can help you choose the best garage door for your home. 

If your garage is the place where your kid practices the drums or you work on various DIY projects using loud power tools, consider a soundproofing garage door. Or, if your garage is your workshop place, you may want a garage door with lots of glass to create a bright workspace with tons of light.

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Garage Door Size

When installing or replacing your garage door, you must consider a few things, like measuring the opening width and height. Also, if there is any high spot on your floor, you need to measure it as many garage doors are made of steel and need to sit level in the opening. Moreover, when installing new tracks and a new opener, you need to think about some required additional measurements. Other vital measurements are the high of your ceiling, the height of the garage door, plus extra space for the opener and the backspace in your garage.

Garage Door Material

There are plenty of types of material you can choose for your garage door, such as:

  • Wood – for a look that is luxurious and dramatic. A garage door made of wood can immediately lift the appeal and value of your home. Elements like grains, knots, and shading of the wood panels create a unique look, after all. Wood as a  material for your garage door is a timeless trend filled with beauty.
  • Steel – if you are looking for a highly durable, long-lasting, and low-maintenance garage door, steel is your best choice. 
  • Aluminum – A popular trend in later years for an excellent reason. Garage doors made of aluminum are as durable as steel ones, but they are more affordable and don’t develop rust.
  • Fiberglass – Despite the fact that fiberglass garage doors are lightweight, they can be quite durable. Also, they can be treated to look like wood so that you can get the timeless look of a wooden garage door at a fraction of the cost.
  • Vinyl – If you live in an area with wet and humid climate, a vinyl garage door is a perfect option for you. Vinyl can withstand humidity and sea or salt spray. Same as fiberglass vinyl can imitate the natural look of wood. Thus, you can achieve a classic look without the usual price tag and cost of maintenance.
  • Glass – A new trend nowadays, especially in those homes with contemporary architecture and design. A glass garage door instantly adds a modern, chic, and dramatic look to any property. Besides bringing natural light into your garage space at home, glass garage doors are easy to maintain and resistant to corrosion and rust.

Garage Door Styles

There are plenty of garage door styles to choose from, maybe too many making the decision challenging. Also, you must bear in mind that choosing the right style for your garage door can make you stand out (in a good way) from the others homes in your neighborhood. Some popular styles of garage doors to choose from are:

  • Traditional Garage Doors. A traditional raised panel garage door is your must-go-to choice if you are aiming for a classic look. It will undoubtedly make your home stand out. When opting for a traditional style of garage door, you can choose a unique material and pick the perfect stain or paint color, resulting in a garage door that reflects your taste and matches your home style. In addition,  traditional raised panel garage doors can be found in steel, fiberglass, handcrafted and faux wood, vinyl, and composite materials.
  • Carriage House Garage Doors. If you are aiming for a traditional look, a carriage house style garage door is your best option. A style that originally came from old American manors with outbuildings used to store carriages. Even after carriages were replaced by cars, carriage house swing-out design has remained the most classic style of garage doors. Carriage house garage doors are traditionally made of wood. However, these days, they can come out in various materials such as aluminum, fiberglass, steel, and vinyl.

Contemporary Garage Doors. You may opt for a contemporary garage door style to match your modern look home. Many of the contemporary styles of garage doors are made of aluminum and have a sleek and clean design. They can also use glass which welcomes the natural light and elevates the look.

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Garage Door Finish

When it comes to garage door finishes, you can choose from plenty of options. Here you have the chance to make your garage door look as distinctive or universal as you wish. Your imagination is the limit. Choose from a natural wood look that complements your home or a bold hue that will be your neighborhood conversation piece.

Garage Door Colors

Your garage door color matters because you can set your personal statement with it, plus enhance your home style and decor. There are some popular garage door colors, and this is why:

  • White. The most popular color for garage doors. It is clean, complements, and balances out the home design.
  • Light grey. It has the brightness of white but is softer. It can blend with the home facade better than white.
  • Dark grey and black. Both colors look trendy and unique when used for garage doors. These colors are also suitable for hiding marks and dents but can look too intense in contrast with certain home aesthetics.
  • Brown. It is a warm, inviting color that can give the appearance of a wooden door. Walnut is the best shade of brown for garage doors.
  • Beige o taupe. This neutral color, similar to light grey, blends effortlessly into the house aesthetic—a perfect match to brick and stone homes.

Garage Door Windows

Windows can add character and create a sense of welcome when placed on your garage door. They can create a unique look and increase your home’s curb appeal. Garage door windows are customizable and available in a variety of styles, so you will always find one to match the style of your home. Exeter you live in a 100-year-old farmhouse or a new modern-style residence, you will always find the perfect window style for your home.

Understand Garage Door Cycles

In garage door terminology, a cycle means when the garage door goes one lift and one lower. This happens each time you go in and out your garage door. For most people, their garage door cycles multiple times a day. Some homeowners use the garage door as their primary entrance and exit. In comparison, others use it only to receive special guests. The average lifespan of a garage door is 20,000 cycles, meaning that most garage doors will be replaced after 13 years, more or less. It also depends on the maintenance and cares you put in your garage door.


What you will spend on your garage door depends on factors like materials, style, size, insulation, and more. Thus, as a homeowner, you must set what is your priority when choosing your garage door, whether it is durability, noise level, temperature, curb appeal, durability, energy saving, etc. Setting a focus will help you to set your budget and simplify your search.

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