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Commercial Storefront Door Repair

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Commercial Storefront Door Repair

First impressions matter. If you are a business owner, the first impression can make or break your business. Your storefront and entrance will give your potential customers a sense of who you are and what you do. Thus, it is crucial to choose the storefront that fits your needs best and also to maintain it properly.  Weak or damaged entry doors are an invitation to burglars which puts your livelihood and safety at risk.

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Commercial Storefront Doors Repair

Your commercial storefront door has many components that at one point or another can fail to do their job properly. Some of the parts that may require professional repair can be:  

  • Closers
  • Exit Devices
  • Pivots
  • Hinges
  • Continuous Hinges
  • Sweeps
  • All Entry Door Parts and Hardware

Furthermore, you need to contact a professional commercial storefront door repair service if you are experiencing any of the following issues:

  • Misaligned or sticking doors. When doors are not aligned correctly with the frame they can stick or be hard to open or close. This problem can be caused by loose hinges, worn-out door closers, or damage to the door or frame.
  • Broken glass. If the glass on your storefront door is damaged, it should be replaced promptly for safety and security reasons. Glass storefront doors can be prone to cracking or breaking due to impacts, weather conditions, or age. 
  • Weather damage. Extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain, wind, or snow can cause damage to your storefront doors. This can happen especially if they are not properly sealed or protected.
  • Poor insulation. Lack of proper insulation can cause energy loss, increase your business utility costs, and create uncomfortable indoor temperatures. This can happen because of gaps in the frame, damaged weather stripping, or old or inefficient glass.
  • Malfunctioning hardware. Hardware like door handles, locks, and closers can wear out or become damaged over time, causing issues with your storefront door operation or security.
  • Wear and tear. Over time, commercial storefront doors can become worn or damaged from frequent use, impacts, or exposure to the elements. Regular maintenance and repair can help prolong the life of the door and prevent issues from becoming more serious.

If your commercial storefront door is experiencing any of these problems do not hesitate to contact our knowledgeable repair team. We guarantee our repair services and always meet our client’s expectations. At Don Don Doors, we only use the highest quality parts, products and systems in order to extend the life of your commercial storefront door.  Whether you are installing a brand-new storefront door for your business or replacing an old one, we can assist you with all steps of the process. Our expert technicians are also ready to help you with any commercial storefront door emergencies. 

Types of Commercial Storefront Doors

There are many types of commercial storefront doors you can choose from. However, you should keep in mind that installing the wrong type can lead to issues when people want to come into your commercial space. Below are some of the most common entry doors for commercial spaces: 

  • Aluminum Storefront Doors. The most common type of storefront doors, and are popular because of their durability, affordability, and flexibility in design. As the name says, aluminum entry doors are made of lightweight aluminum frames, which can be customized with different glass types, hardware, and finishes.
  • Glass Storefront Doors. Made entirely of glass, this type of door is often used in modern and minimalist designs. They offer a sleek and transparent look that allows natural light to enter the building.
  • Steel Storefront Doors. Known for their durability and strength, these commercial storefront doors are made of steel. You can see them being used often in high-security locations or areas with high traffic, such as airports or hospitals.
  • Wood Storefront Doors. Often used in historic buildings or businesses that want a traditional and warm look. They can be made of various types of wood, such as mahogany or oak. They can also be stained or painted to match the exterior.
  • Automatic Storefront Doors. These types of doors are powered to open and close automatically by using sensors, buttons, or remote control. Commonly used in high-traffic businesses, automatic commercial doors aim to provide easy access for customers.
  • Revolving Storefront Doors. These circular doors rotate around a central axis, allowing people to enter and exit simultaneously. They limit the amount of air and noise coming in or out and are often used in large buildings or high-traffic areas.
  • Overhead Storefront Doors. Large commercial buildings, such as warehouses and factories, have overhead doors. Its appearance is almost identical to garage doors, but its purpose is different and provides better security.

How to Choose Your Commercial Storefront Door

When choosing a commercial storefront door for your business you should consider the following factors: 

  • Building design and style. Your business storefront door should complement the overall look and feel of your building. Choose the material, colour, and design of the door that fits best with the style of your building.
  • Budget. Commercial storefront doors come in a wide price range depending on the material, features, and customization options. Consider your budget and choose a door that offers the best value for your investment.
  • Security. Security is always a top priority. You should consider a door that is made of durable materials such as steel or has advanced security features like a multipoint locking system.
  • Accessibility. Your commercial storefront door should be easily accessible to customers with disabilities. A door with a low threshold or automatic doors that can be easily operated with the touch of a button may be your best choice.
  • Traffic volume. You should take into account the foot traffic entering and exiting your business when choosing your entry door. Automatic or revolving doors may be a good option for businesses with high traffic volume, while traditional swing doors may be more suitable for low traffic.

Energy efficiency. Every dollar spent in your business counts. If you are looking to minimize your business’s energy costs, you may want to consider an energy-efficient storefront door, such as those with insulated glass or weather stripping.

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