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Garage Door Weather Stripping Repair

Weather stripping for garage doors is a material or combination of materials used to secure the spaces around the gaps of a garage door, like the bottom and the sides. People install it to create a secure seal between the garage door and its frame, preventing the intrusion of outside elements. 

Weather stripping typically comprises rubber, vinyl, or a combination of flexible and durable materials.

garage door weather stripping repair

Importance of Weather Stripping

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

Air can get in and out through the cracks around a garage door, which can cause drafts and weather changes. By using weather stripping to fix these cracks, you can make the room warmer and less drafty. 

Hence, this keeps the garage from getting too cold in the winter and stops hot air from getting in during the summer. Therefore, your heating and cooling systems can operate with less strain, reducing energy consumption and cost savings on your electricity bills.

Weather Protection

Weather stripping’s primary function is to protect against weather conditions by sealing up openings. Rain, snow, wind, and dust can enter the garage through the cracks around the door. Thus, this can damage kept items with water, make the area damp, and cause mold or mildew more likely to grow. 

Pest Prevention

Insects and rodents pose a threat to garages, which are susceptible to infestations. Insect or animal infestation can also lead to the formation and spreading of diseases. Weather stripping is a barrier that closes off possible entry points and makes pests less likely to get in. 

Reasons of Damage 

Wear and Tear: When the garage door is opened and closed a lot, the weather stripping can wear down, crack, or become weak. 

Temperature Extremes: Temperature changes can affect weather stripping. Due to expansion and contraction caused by extreme temperature, the material may become distorted, fracture, or shatter. 

When exposed to rain, snow, or high humidity, the material can soak up water, twist, or grow mold and mildew. Hence, this can cause the seal to break and make the weather stripping less effective.

Sunlight and UV Rays: The material can break down if the weather stripping is exposed to sunlight and UV rays for a long time. UV rays can dissemble the proteins in the material, which can cause it to fade, crack, or become less flexible. 

Installation or Maintenance Mistakes: It is more likely to get damaged if you do not install it. If you do not tighten down well or there are holes or odd spots in the fitting, it may wear and tear more quickly.

Inspect For Signs of Weather Stripping

Visible Damage: Look at the weather stripping for cracks, tears, or breaks that you can see. Also, check for any bending or shape deformation.

Gaps: It is essential to check for gaps; you can do so by standing near the closed garage door and looking around the edges for drafts or air leaks. If you feel air coming in or notice a temperature change, the weather stripping is no longer making a tight seal. 

Moisture: Furthermore, check the inside of your garage for signs of water or moisture entry after it rains or when you wash your car. If you observe water pooling near the bottom of the garage door or damp spots on the floor, the weather stripping isn’t keeping wetness out. 

Noise: Also, opening or closing the garage door and hearing or feeling more noise or vibrations than usual could indicate damage. If it is old or broken, it may no longer be able to keep noise and movements to a minimum.

Pests: If the weather stripping is damaged or old, it can leave cracks and holes that bugs and rodents can use to get into the garage. If you see more bugs in the garage than usual, it could mean that it needs to be fixed or replaced.

Garage Door Weather Stripping Repairs Process

Select the Type of Weather Stripping: Garage doors can have various weather stripping options, including bottom seals, threshold seals, and along the sides and top. Rubber, vinyl, foam, and felt are common materials available.

Remove the Damaged Weather Stripping: Remove the damaged weather stripping to get started. Depending on the style of weather stripping, it may be necessary to detach it, drag it out of a track or aperture, or remove its adhesive coating. During removal, do not damage the garage door or encircling surfaces.

Clean: After removing the previous weather stripping, thoroughly clean the area. Remove any grime, debris, or adhesive residue to ensure the new weather stripping will stick to a clean surface.

Measure and Cut:

  • Take precise measurements of where to install the new weather stripping, then cut it to size.
  • Utilize these dimensions to cut the replacement to the appropriate length.
  • Follow the maker’s recommendations and instructions when cutting the material.

Install: Depending on the type, there are different ways to implement it. For weather stripping with a sticky back, carefully place and press the strip onto a clean surface, following the directions given. Put the one that slides into a groove or track firmly in the right place.


  • Close the garage door and see how well the new weather stripping seals the door.
  • Make sure it fits tightly and evenly around the door’s edges.
  • Try opening the door several times to ensure it doesn’t get in the way.

If you’re dealing with issues related to your garage door weather stripping, look no further for assistance! Our team is ready to provide reliable and efficient garage door weather stripping repair services. Whether it’s damage, wear, or improper sealing, our skilled technicians have the expertise to address all types of weather stripping problems.

Well-maintained weather stripping for your garage door is essential for pest control, energy efficiency, weather protection, and noise reduction. While it is feasible to perform DIY repairs, using specialists to fix your garage door’s weather stripping can also be very helpful.

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