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Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage door openers are relatively simple devices that enable your garage door to go up and down. They are mounted on a wall and operate with the push of a button. Despite their simple mechanism, they require professional installation, and like any other device that is used frequently in your home, they can encounter some operational issues.

Garage Door Opener Types

Garage Door Opener Types 

There are three common types of garage door openers. It is good to get to know them in detail to be able to choose the best option for your home. 

Belt Drive Electric Openers 

If noise concerns you, this is the type of garage door opener you should be looking for. It is built to operate quietly, keeping noise to a minimum. They are ideal for houses with an attached garage. They are also ultra-strong. 

Chain Drive Electric Openers

This traditional designed type of garage door opener comes with many benefits. The chain drive garage door opener is known for being long-lasting, affordable and reliable. They are powerful and can handle your garage door’s heavy and frequent use quickly and efficiently. 

Side-mount or Jackshaft Garage Door Openers

If space is your concern, a side-mounted garage door opener is a perfect choice. The wall-mounted design makes your garage more spacious and reduces noise and vibration. However, this visually attractive option can come with a higher price tag.

Garage Door Opener Repairs

Contact us if you are experiencing trouble getting your garage door opener opening or closing! You can rely on our professional technical team to resolve your problem promptly and effectively. Our expert technicians are experienced in all sorts of garage door opener repairs, such as:

Broken Garage Door Opener Repair

If your garage door opener breaks, it can not perform its primary duty, opening and closing your garage door completely and smoothly. Whether the problem is at your home or your business, don’t attempt to repair it yourself. Our licensed repair team has the skills, expertise and tools to fix your garage door opener in no time. Don’t wait and call us.  

Garage Door Opener Motor Repair

The most obvious sign that your garage door opener motor is faulty is when you push your remote button, and nothing happens. When the motor has burned out, you can hear whirring or grinding noises, but the door isn’t either opening or closing. Furthermore, if you notice your door moving slower than usual, it may be a sign that the motor is on its dying breath. Also, look for excessive vibration. If your motor vibrates more than usual, it can pose a severe safety hazard. Vibration is a sign that your motor is failing and can loosen up heavy things suspended above, creating a dangerous situation.  

garage door opener install

Garage Door Opener Installation

Garage door openers play a vital function in controlling your garage door mechanisms. Because of their essential role, you must ensure that your opener is installed correctly and working. What better than assigning us to this crucial task? We can guarantee that our certified expert team can install any garage door opener. We can provide a cost-effective and practical solution whether you need to replace an old garage door opener or install a new one. We have experience installing garage door openers from all brands and types.

Common Garage Door Opener Issues

Like any other mechanism, garage door openers can present different problems. Some issues may require simple adjustments to existing components. In comparison, others repairs may need replacements of components such as the motor, circuit boards, trolleys, drive trains, limit switches, and more. Some garage door opener problems are:

The garage door is not closing 

If your garage door closes but bounces from the floor and returns to the open position, it indicates that its limits may need to be reset. The limits set on your garage door control how far your garage door opens and closes. When the limits are off and the door hits the floor, it believes there is an obstruction and returns to the open position for safety. An expert technician can adjust your garage door limits, so this stops from happening.

Grinding Noise

If you hear a grinding noise when trying to use your garage door, the sprocket and gears of your garage door opener may need to be replaced. A common issue that occurs after years of use. Similarly, if the opener sounds like it’s working, but the garage door isn’t moving, make sure the emergency release hasn’t been pulled accidentally.

Electrical Issues

Different electric issues can stop your garage door opener from functioning correctly. A damaged low-voltage wire connecting the door opener with the photo eyes can prevent the garage door from closing. Similarly, the circuit board may be defective if your remote isn’t working after replacing the batteries. It can be the result of a storm, electrical surge or age.

Garage Door Opener Safety

To ensure your garage door opener complies with safety regulations, it is essential always to test the reversing mechanism. You can either check your owner’s manual or search for your opener’s brand and model for more information. Some of the tests for you to check the proper functioning and safety of your garage door opener are:

Photo Eye Test. Make sure your opener has safety photo beams. If photo eyes are absent, they should be adjusted, repaired or replaced by a qualified professional. 

Reversal Test. Make sure your opener has a reversing feature. If a reversing element is not present, it should be replaced. If the door does not reverse, have it repaired or replaced. Contact us and have one of our professional technicians assist you with this issue.

Force Setting Test. Hold the bottom of the door as it closes to test the force setting of your garage door opener. If the door does not reverse readily, the force may be excessive and need adjusting. 

Performing these safety tests regularly may help keep you and your family safe from accidents due to a faulty garage door opener.

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