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Garage Door Repair and installation in the Greater Vancouver Area

Certified garage door technicians in the Greater Vancouver Area. At Don Don Doors, we offer prompt and professional garage door repair and installation services. Don Don Doors offers you the  following garage door services

Don Don Doors Technicians

Garage doors are hefty and can create a safety risk when not functioning correctly. Thus, don’t attempt to handle the problem yourself. Let us help! Contact us today. Our expert technical team is ready to come to your location in no time. When you contact Don Don Doors, you can expect to have a team of expert technicians to work on any problem your garage door may have. Our technical team is trained to the highest standard. They have the knowledge and expertise to resolve any issue effectively and without delay.

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We offer our emergency services 24/7 in the Greater Vancouver Area.

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We offer emergency services in Greater Vancouver Arae and can reach you within minutes.

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Our team of certified experts is capable of repairing any type of garage door.

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Our company is organized and equipped with the necessary tools and trained technicians

Same Day Garage Door Services

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24/7 Emergency Garage Door Repair

Our trained expert technicians are ready to help you with any garage door issue 24/7

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Residential Garage Doors

We have the perfect garage door that is an ideal match for the style of your home and meets your unique needs.

commercial garage door repairs

Commercial Garage Doors

Whether your business is small or big, we can assist you in finding the best garage door.

garage door opener repairs

Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage door openers are crucial for opening and closing your garage door. Call us immediately if they fail to work.

Garage Door Keypad Repair

Frayed connections inside the remote can damage your garage door keypads. Call our experts ASAP to assist you with this.

garage door spring repair

Garage Door Spring Repair

A broken spring on your garage door is dangerous. Contact us as soon as you notice this problem.

Emergency Services

Garage Door Installation

Even if you consider yourself to have excellent handyman skills trying to install a garage door yourself can present a series of problems, such as:

  • You need specialized tools like a counterbalance spring system to lift the door and special gear for hooking up electrical components like the control panel and the motor.
  • You deal with complicated equipment such as springs, hinges, and electrical parts that work together. 
  • You can make dangerous mistakes. Garage door components like springs work under tremendous pressure; an error can send you to the hospital. And even if you manage to do the procedure and not harm yourself, an incorrect installation can damage some garage door parts.
  • You can waste money. Think twice if you think you are saving money by making your garage door installation project a DIY, think twice. You need to invest in equipment, and if the door installation is faulty, you will spend on future repairs.

Leave your garage door installation to the professionals!

We are experts in installing any type of automatic doors for residential or commercial properties. At Don Don Doors, we provide top-notch maintenance services that can prevent unexpected failures, guarantee total security and lengthen the working life of your garage door. 

Choosing the right garage door by considering the weather conditions of where you live can protect your home from serious damage caused by extreme weather conditions. Severe snow or ice storm with strong winds can dent, deform and even penetrate ordinary garage doors. Therefore installing a wind-resistant, code-approved garage door can help protect your home and your family.

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24/7 Emergency Garage Door Repair

We know and understand that homeowners can experience garage door problems during the most inconvenient times. Maybe your garage door won’t open late at night or during the worst weather conditions. These problems will not only delay your plans, but they can also put you and your loved ones at risk. Because of this, we offer you a 24/7 emergency garage door repair service at Don Don doors. With our prompt and efficient problem-solving skills, we will exceed your expectations.

What Our Customers Say

Codey Joyner



Don Don Door team was knowledgeable and helpful in choosing the perfect garage door for our new home. Their expertise and excellent customer service made the whole process easy and efficient.

Erin Hill

West Vancouver


Changing our old garage door was easy, thanks to Don Don Door expert team. They suggested one that fit our specific needs and explained the advantages of added features that facilitated the use.

Emanuel Sadler



Don Don Door experts helped us when we needed an emergency garage door repair over a holiday weekend. Thanks to their quick and effective problem-solving skills, we could enjoy the rest of our holiday stress free.

A Garage Door Upgrade Can Get You High Return On Investment

A garage door can often be overlooked and categorized as one of those run-of-the-mill everyday objects. However, they can be decisive if you are trying to sell your home. First impressions are made within the first seven seconds. Make them count!

Furthermore, garage door upgrades are one of the top home remodeling projects, and homeowners can recover up to 94% of their garage door investment at resale.

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Your Garage Door Can Help You Save Energy

When the temperature drops, you may want to keep your home warm and cozy by cranking up the heating. However, if there is any way heat is escaping your home, like by a garage door that is old or doesn’t have proper insulation,  it will result in a higher electrical bill. Getting the right insulated garage door can improve your home’s thermal efficiency. An insulated door, along with insulated garage walls, can help control the temperature of your garage space and provide additional benefits.

Garage Doors To Fit Every Home Style

When it comes to selecting the perfect garage door for your home, there are a few key factors to consider. Firstly, you want to ensure that the style of the garage door complements the overall aesthetic of your home. Whether your home has a traditional or contemporary design, you want to choose a garage door that will seamlessly blend in with the rest of the property.

Hardware is another important aspect of your garage door. Choose durable and high-quality hardware that will stand the test of time and provide reliable operation. This includes hinges, handles, and locks that will ensure your garage door is secure and safe.

Finally, consider adding windows to your garage door to allow natural light to enter the space. This can not only improve the appearance of the door, but also make the interior of your garage more welcoming and inviting. 

Overall, the perfect garage door for your home should reflect your personal style and enhance the overall look of your property. By considering factors such as style, color, hardware, and window options, you can choose a garage door that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Remember, your garage door is the largest moving appliance in your household. And as with any other appliance, operational problems can occur.  When an issue with your garage door functioning arises, it is better to call a local professionally trained garage door dealer. A knowledgeable technical team will evaluate if your garage door needs service, repair, or replacement of some parts or its totality. However, you can look below at some questions and answers related to common garage door issues to better understand what you are dealing with.

First, check that the opener part has enough power and that the garage circuit breaker is set correctly. Then: 

  • Verify that the lock is manual (a manual lock should not be necessary for an automatic garage door)
  • Check that your keypad/remote control batteries are charged 
  • Try to open your garage door manually.

Garage doors have springs, rollers, and hinges which can be noisy and squeaky. Some noise is usually expected and does not indicate a problem. Try first to apply some spray-on lubricant specifically for garage doors in the squeaky parts. Call a garage door repair specialist to assess the problem if the noise persists. Sometimes the technician may recommend service or installation of noise-dampening roller sleeves for a quieter garage door system.

For your garage doors to be able to open and close every time, their tracks need to be free of any obstructions. Make sure nothing is blocking the way. An object blocking the way can brake your garage door.

A garage door remote may fail to operate correctly due to various issues. The most common is that the control batteries have run out and must be replaced. Another reason could be that the photo eyes on your garage door opener are off-center. A broken spring can also be why your remote can’t open the garage door.

A crack building up on the top part of your garage door can be the result of incorrect installation of the door or the operator, among other problems such as:

  • Wrong slope for the opener
  • Faulty top roller and operator bracket pivot point position 
  • Opener arm coming into contact with the strut when the door is opening
  • The opener applies too much force to the top section due to weak springs that are not specified for the type and size of the door
  • The down limit setting on the opener is not set correctly, causing the opener to push hard on the top of the door at the end of the close cycle

Electric transformers, household appliances, lights, home security devices, and network equipment create electromagnetic fields that can interrupt the radio waves your garage door remote uses to work. On other occasions, the problem can be in the radio transmitter present in the motor or the remote control.

Broken springs are a safety hazard. Do not use or attempt to repair the door. In this case, it is better to call a qualified technician to replace the spring.

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