How To Prepare Your Garage Door for Summer

How To Prepare Your Garage Door For Summer

Homeowners focus on numerous duties, including pool preparation, air conditioning maintenance, and landscaping when the summer heat sets in. But one crucial step frequently ignored is getting the garage door ready for the new season. Even though it might seem small, checking that your garage door is prepared for summer can significantly impact garage security and comfort.

It’s time to pay attention to your garage door as the temperature increases and summer draws near. Preparing your garage door for summer is crucial to ensure its optimum operation, longevity, and safety due to the intense heat and greater use during this season. This post contains helpful advice and information to prepare your garage door for the coming season.

Clean and Inspect

Start by thoroughly cleaning your garage door before moving on to the particular maintenance duties. Clean up any dirt, trash, or cobwebs that may have amassed throughout the spring. This enhances the aesthetic and makes identifying any wear or damage easier. Examine the door for any rust, cracks, or dents that could impair its functionality or jeopardize its structural integrity.

Lubricate Mechanical Parts

The summer’s high temperatures can lead to the expansion of metal parts, creating friction and eventual wear. Lubricate your residential garage door’s moving components, such as the hinges, springs, rollers, and tracks, to avoid this. Use a silicone-based lubricant because it won’t likely draw dirt and other particles. Regular maintenance increases the longevity of your garage door, reduces noise, and promotes smooth operation.

Examine the Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping protects your smart garage from the elements and makes the temperature comfortable. Examine the Weatherstripping around the door’s edge for damage. It must be replaced if there are any gaps, cracks, or wear-and-tear indicators. Keep a watchful eye out for any apparent splits or fissures in the vinyl or rubber material.

These might develop over time due to weather exposure or general wear and tear. Ensure that when the door is closed, the weather stripping is properly in contact with the ground. If the weather stripping has become loose or the door is not positioned correctly, gaps may appear. New Weatherstripping will ensure a tight seal, keeping cool air in and preventing hot air from entering your garage.

Check for proper alignment

In addition to checking the weather stripping, make sure the garage door is in the correct position. Doors that are out of alignment can accelerate the deterioration or failure of weather stripping, resulting in the garage door opening. Keep an eye out for any indications that the door is pushing against the Weatherstripping or that the gaps at the edges are uneven.

Replace or fix Weatherstripping

It’s best to replace the weather stripping if you see any substantial wear, damage, or gaps. Most hardware stores sell weather stripping, which is often inexpensive and readily available. If you’re unclear on how to replace the weather stripping, follow the manufacturer’s directions or seek advice from an expert.

Test the safety features

Families spend more time outside during the summer, and kids may play close to the garage. It’s essential to check and confirm that the safety features on your garage door are operating correctly. You can test the auto-reverse function by positioning a heavy object in the way of the closing door, such as a brick or wooden block. If the door doesn’t reverse after touch, get it fixed immediately by a professional. If your door has photoelectric sensors, check them as well. These sensors look for obstructions and stop the door from closing if they find something or someone in the way. Also, install security cameras for additional security. 

Adjust Spring Tension

Garage door springs are crucial in counterbalancing the weight of the door. The springs might need to be adjusted due to temperature changes to maintain the correct tension. An issue with the springs may be indicated if you notice any imbalance in the door or hear excessive noise when it operates. Due to the inherent risks, spring changes are best left to professionals. To check and, if necessary, adjust the springs, get in touch with a reliable garage door expert.

Keep Your Garage Clean and Organized

A clean, organized garage improves overall aesthetics and aids in the smooth operation of your garage door. Clear away any messes or obstructions that could obstruct the door’s movement or mess with its sensors. Maintain a clean and organized garage since collected dirt and debris can get into the moving parts and cause them to wear out more quickly.

Maintain Optimum Balance

An uneven garage door can strain the opener and cause premature wear and tear. Disconnect the opener and manually raise the door halfway to check the balance. It is appropriately balanced if it remains in place. You might need to adjust the spring tension or seek professional assistance if it increases or lowers.

Protect From Sun Damage

The harsh summer sun can fade and damage the paint or finish on your garage door. Excessive heat may accumulate on a garage door’s surface from direct sunshine. High temperatures have the potential to hasten the aging process of some materials, including wood, which could result in the door warping, breaking, or weakening.

Additionally, the door’s overall function and stability may be impacted by frequent expansion and contraction brought on by temperature variations. To maintain its beauty and increase its lifespan, consider painting it with a new coat of paint or covering it with a UV-resistant shield. This will keep your garage cooler by lowering heat absorption.


According to these crucial suggestions, you can ensure your garage door is ready for the summer. Regular upkeep, cleaning, and inspections will prolong the door’s life and enhance its performance. Throughout the summer and beyond, a properly maintained garage door offers you and your family garage safety, comfort, and peace of mind. Be prepared and take advantage of hassle-free garage access during the next warm months!